Living Sky Winery

Perdue, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
outdoor - most Wednesdays & Saturdays
indoor - occasionally

Living Sky Winery creates their wines in the spirit of awe and amazement, with Saskatchewan grown fruit. If you want commercial, mass-produced wine that comes in a box - well, their wine's not for you. But if you care about local sustainable production, artisan craftsmanship and wine that brings a smile to your face from the first sip - well, they can help you with that!





  • table wines (rhubarb, currant, cherry, strawberry, cantaloupe, apple, & Raskap)

  • dessert wines (Juliett & Cassis)

  • Hopping Bunny Hugger (hopped cherry cider)

  • Puddle Jumper (rhubarb cider)