Cottage Homemade Soups & Scones

Regina, SK

Market Attendance:
outdoor markets - some Saturdays
indoor markets - TBD

Perfect for folks who appreciate beautiful home cooking but don’t always have time to do it for themselves, Cottage Homemade Soups & Scones will hook you up with delicious frozen soups and scones. Just warm them up for an easy and nourishing lunch or supper.


Red Lentil
Beef & Barley
Caribbean Sunset
Creamy Chicken Corn Chowder


Herb & Cheddar
Sun-dried Tomato & Onion




Cottage Cream Chicken Corn Chowder 2019
Cottage Beef and Barley 2019
Cottage Caribbean Sunset soup 2019
Cottage Herb & Cheddar scone 2019
cottage scones 2019
Cottage classic scone 2019