Hoops 'n' Things

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
outdoor - most Wednesdays & Saturdays
indoor - most Saturdays

Quality, heavy, one-of-a-kind hula hoops for excercise, dance and play. Being the perfect size and weight, they bring hula hoops back to the style of the 50s. Unlike the light plastic ones available in most stores, almost anyone can get spinning with these large, beautifully decorated hoops. Adult and kids sizes are designed in your choice of assorted colours and patterns, or let me get creative for you. Request rice, added for no extra cost, for a beautiful rainstick sound effect.


Yo-yo balloons, the yo-yo anyone can do. These are brightly coloured, softball sized balloons with a looped elastic, so they'll always come back. They're made with a heavy latex so they won't break as easily as a normal balloon. Yo-yo balloons are easy to catch and bounce on your hand. Ask about wholesale prices for fundraisers, carnivals or birthdays. They can be made and delivered within Regina and you can make a profit.


Hoops 'n' Things shares a market table with Angela's Own Homestyle Originals.