Red Iron Mills

Shaunavon, SK
(306) 294-8935

Market Attendance:
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Introducing Jason and Paige Girodat of Red Iron Mills 


Red Iron Mills is a Shaunavon-based, family-run grain farm that debuted at the Regina Farmers’ Market in 2021. The entire process of their flour production is done in-house: the whole wheat flour is planted from their own seeds, then grown, harvested, processed, and then stone ground all on their farm. Jason and Paige are fourth generation farmers but work closely with Jason’s parents who have been farming since 1965. Their motto is: the highest quality grain creates the highest quality food. In addition to quality, Girodat Seed’s focuses on sustainable farming practices using a mixture of the newest technologies while giving a nod to past farming practices to preserve the land for future generations. 


Wondering why Red Iron Mills whole grain flour is superior? Their process yields no additives and nothing is removed. This means that all of the nutrients from the grains remain in the flour giving extra flavour and nutrients.Their sifted flour is run through small screens to remove bran and germ particles making it soft like all-purpose flour. During the grain cleaning process they use a colour sorter which uses infrared, eliminating any off colour or small kernels. Their customers love the distinct texture and aroma that Red Iron Mills flour adds their baked goods. 


Best Known For: Stone Ground Whole Flours +  Grain Products