33 1/3 Coffee Roasters

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Saturdays

Introducing Eric of 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters


Eric started roasting coffee beans in 2012 by putting raw coffee beans in an air popcorn popper. He wouldn’t recommend it. He upgraded from the popcorn maker to roasting beans on the BBQ to share with friends and family. After some finesse, 33 ⅓ grew and began their professional start at the Regina Farmers Market in 2014, where two years later they opened their first location with Malty National and in 2018 opened their second shop at the 13th Ave location. The name 33 ⅓  originated from Eric’s first business plan to operate a coffee shop with a record store. The three friends wanted to split the business evenly, giving them each 33 ⅓ % ownership. As the business model changed, they decided to keep the name hence 33 ⅓ Coffee Roasters.


33 ⅓ roasts their ethically sourced beans locally in the Cathedral neighbourhood of Regina. For a premium flavour, their coffee beans are roasted in small batches, to yield a fresh and smooth taste. Further the 33 ⅓ team maintains a close relationship with their coffee bean farmers, and are on a first-name basis with their suppliers in Africa, and Central + South America. This same friendly atmosphere is what you will experience the next time you grab a cup of coffee or bag of coffee beans from  33 and ⅓.   


Best Known For: Coffee Beans, Freshly Brewed Coffee, and Cold Brew