Existing Vendors

Here is everything you need to know (and then some!) about being part of the Regina Farmers' Market Co-operative: 

Additional Product Application: vendors wishing to add something new to their approved products must complete this form. 

RFM Vendor Handbook: includes our rules, regulations, guidelines and information about vendor at the farmers' market. 

RFM Bylaws: the document that guides the governance of the RFM. 

RFM Product Presentation & Labeling Policy: everything you need to know about labeling your products. 

RFM Social Media & Digital Marketing Guidelines - our guidelines for working together to to promote the RFM using social media, including instructions, tips & tricks!

Canopy Safety 101: tips for setting up safely at outdoor markets. 

The Co-operatives Act of Saskatchewan: the legal framework that governs co-operatives like the RFM. 

RFM Vendor Agreement: the agreement between the RFM Co-operative and our vendors. 

RFM Feedback Policy & Process: the process the RFM uses to monitor and respond to feedback. 

RFM Feedback Form: the form to use if you have feedback to share. 

RFM Strategic Plan: The RFM's future vision, goals, and objectives.

SHA Sampling Application: the form to use if you wish to sample food at the RFM. Return completed forms to