Sponsor the RFM


Are you or your business interested in Sponsoring the Regina Farmers' Market? 

The Regina Farmers' Market is seeking sponsorship from businesses with like-minded objectives of building holistic community's with an emphasis on local, prairie food. The RFM is guided by its most recent strategic plan and aims to create partnerships to help sustain the RFM's future. A sponsorship with the RFM helps support operational expenses, hosting special events, and market start-ups.

What are the benefits to sponsorship? 

Depending on the agreement, your business will be featured on the RFM website + social media, at pre-determined events, will have newsletters sent out with advertising space reserved, free booth space, potential for banner recognition and more!

In addition to advertising, promotion exchange, and first-hand insight to special events, RFM Sponsors also know they are investing not just in the Regina Farmers' Market, but the 100+ Small businesses the RFM supports. 

Are there different types of sponsorship? 

Yes! Each sponsorship can be customizable depending on the nature of each sponsor. There are numerous opportunities including: 

  • Sponsor the Stage
  • Sponsor Spring, Summer, and/or Fall Markets
  • Sponsor Special Events 
  • and more!

Looking for more information? 

Contact our Executive Director, Holly Laird: