Busking at RFM

Are you interested in performance busking at the Regina Farmers' Market?

If yes, please refer to our Busker Policy or visit our Busker Policy Blog Post

** Effective July 11, 2021 all covid-19 restrictions put in place by the Government of Saskatchewan are lifted. This means effective Wed., July 14, 2021, Performance Buskers are allowed to attend the Regina Farmers' Markets 2021 Open-Air Market Season! 

Want to Get Started?

  1.  Read the Busker Policy above and familiarize yourself with busker etiquette. ($10 busking fee per market)
  2.  E-mail  to schedule your preferred performance dates
  3.  Dropping in without a booking? Stop by the Black +White Info Tent at City Square Plaza and tell the staff of your interest to busk
    1. RFM staff will collect the $10 busker fee and find a spot for you to set-up within the farmers' market