Regina Farmers' Market

Regina Farmers' Market: Non-Profit Co-operative

The Regina Farmers’ Market (RFM) operates as a non-profit co-operative organization and has since its inception in May 1975. Collectively and gratefully, we acknowledges our ability to operate on Treaty 4 land; the traditional territories of the nêhiyawak, Anihšināpēk, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakoda, as well as the homeland of the Metis Nation.

What is a Co-operative?

Co-operatives are organizations controlled and owned by their members who cooperate together to effectively strengthen the co-operative movement. In the case of the RFM, the collective objective is to connect the Greater Regina Area community to products made, baked, grown, and designed in Saskatchewan in a safe and inclusive environment.

About Us

The organizational chart above reflects the RFM operates on a cycle of community and member accountability. As a non-profit organization, the RFM objectives are community-driven, rather than profit driven. This is beneficial as it allows customers direct and sustainable access to local producers and the purchasing power of choosing local retains profits within the local economy.

Who are the RFM's Board of Directors?

Every spring the RFM holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM), during which the members host an election to nominate and vote for the RFM Board of Directors. The results of this democratic voting process yield the annual Board of Directors who guide the mission and vision of the organization. And yes, the RFM Board of Directors are all volunteer-based.

Interested in learning about this year's RFM Board of Directors? Click here to meet them!

Benefits to a Co-operative Structure: 

One of the benefits of being a co-operative is that it provides independent success to each vendor/member and shared success through the collective cooperation and collaboration towards the organization. Vendor success measures the organizations success! Additionally, the organization is held accountable to the local membership rather than being controlled by international stakeholders which creates sustainable connections and values that are retained locally. Collectively the RFM co-operative strives to meet the common goal of providing local, high quality, products, which often results in meaningful relationships between vendors and other partners in the community. Finally, co-operatives are beneficial to the communities they serve in their sustainable structure and local economic development. As a customer, you know your purchases contribute to the local businesses which reinvest back into the community!