Baechu Kimchi

Regina, Saskatchewan

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Saturdays
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Introducing Atidthan of Baechu Kimchi


Looking for a healthier, bolder substitute to sauerkraut? Baechu Kimchi has got you covered! Kimchi a traditional Korean dish of naturally fermented cabbage, refreshing ginger, Korean pepper, and other classic vegetables. Unlike store-bought kimchi, Baechu Kimchi’s products are unpasteurized so, it’s loaded with healthy bacteria.

Pair it with ramen & other noodle dishes, scrambled eggs, sausages & hot dogs, and pork chops. Kimchi can elevate a typical meal into something remarkable!


Best Known For: Spicy, Original & Vegan Kimchi


Atidthan at the Market
Assorted Jars
Original Kimchi