Boreal Heartland


Introducing  Boreal Heartland 


Located in Northern Saskatchewan in the Air Ronge area, Boreal Heartland is part of a non-profit division of Keewatin Community Development Corporation Inc. (KCDA). Collectively, Boreal Heartland strives to provide sustainably harvested, high quality boreal herbs to the world market - most available through mushroom foraging and hand-picked, earthy, tea blends. Through the partnership Boreal Heartland has with KCDA provides an economic foundation and opportunities for small and isolated Indigenous communities in the Northern SK region. 


Boreal Heartland is best known for their locally hand-picked golden chanterelle mushrooms at the Farmers’ Market (and their dried chanterelles in the winter seasons!) they also carry a variety of tea blends such as Relaxation, Energization, Restoration, and Labrador teas. These teas are derived from traditional, indigenous recipes.


Best known for: Chanterelle Mushrooms and Assorted Traditional Indigenous Teas