Chimney Cake

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Regina, SK
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Market Attendance:
Outdoor Markets - Occasional
Indoor Markets - Occasional

Introducing Attila and Edina from Chimney Cakes 


Attila and Edina began with the Regina Farmers’ Market in 2018 after a move to Canada from Hungary. In an effort to enjoy the flavours of their homeland, Attila and Edina began bringing traditional Hungarian baking, but are best known for their made-on-site and signature Chimney Cakes. Hungarian Chimney Cake (Kurtos Kalacs) are named for their hollow, cylindrical shape that releases steam out the top of the cake (like a chimney) as you unwind the cake as you eat them. They are a one of kind sweet pastry that are made in front of you at the market. If you’ve ever walked passed them set-up at the market, the smell is absolutely mouth-watering! They are baked over hot charcoals until the sugar becomes caramelized and crispy and are available in a variety of different flavours including: coconut, chocolate, almond, walnut, or crystal sugar. 


Chimney Cakes also provide a wide range of baked goods such as poppy seed rolls, walnut rolls,cheese puffs and Hokifli (Snow kifli), all of which are made from traditional Hungarian recipes. For those new to the Hokifli, it is a moon-crescent shaped cookie with a soft walnut, vanilla flavoured filling, all topped with icing sugar. If you're looking for European flavours, be sure to visit and try Chimney Cakes! 


Best Known For: Chimney Cakes