Fishley Farms

Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada
(306) 552-9063
Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Wednesdays & Saturdays
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Introducing Rose Fishley of Fishley Farms 


Rose Fishley is based in Bethune and is one of the RFM’s original vendors who began her journey in 1975! This makes Rose one of the most experienced faces at the Regina Farmers’ Market. It has been 45+ years in the making of the family greenhouse business, and recently you are likely to see the families third generation, Rose’s grandson, helping carry out the Fishley Farms legacy. In addition, Rose and her daughter Sheila grow all of the bedding plants from seed in Rose’s greenhouse. Over the years, Rose’s bedding plants have become a springtime market must-have. 


 With 45+ years of experience, Rose has acquired a lot of plant knowledge she is happy to pass along. To dive into some of this knowledge, check out Fishley Farms on Facebook for videos about their plants and further your knowledge on planting and growing conditions. In addition to bedding plants, Fishely Farms sells a variety of farm fresh seasonal produce, bedding plants, hanging plant baskets, and homemade sewn and knit pieces. 


Best Known For: Bedding Plants