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Introducing Lindsay and Jenna of Flatlands Wild Berries


What are Buffaloberries? Buffaloberries (scientific name: Sherperdia argentea) have been utilized for decades by the Great Plains First Nations for their flavour, nutritional value and traditional medicinal purposes. These berries have a distinct, earthy smell to them, a unique tart and sweet taste, and grow exclusively in North America. Hand-picked as a small red berry (native to Saskatchewan praries), they are packed with fibre, vitamin C+E, lycopene, and saponin. For those new to bufflaoberries, they are naturally bitter, which is why they are best used as a nutritional addition to smoothies, sauces, homemade granola bars, etc. Because of their nutritional density a little goes a long way. Typically access to buffaloberries has been limited. Thanks to Flatlands Wild Berries, buffaloberries are locally available in either dried flakes or jarred puree.


Best Known For: Buffaloberry Flakes + Buffaloberry Puree


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