Fluffy as Fluff

Regina, SK

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Occasionally on Saturdays

Introducing Veronica & Rigel of Fluffy as Fluff


What first began as a pandemic hobby for Victoria and Rigel unfolded into what Fluffy as Fluff is today. While many started baking sourdough and home beer brewing, this pair was busy making souffle pancakes. Souffle Pancakes, or Japenese pancakes, are an incredible light and puffy verision of the recipe. The eggs used in the are beaten into a meringue, in the same way they are for a Souffle, hence the name. In Japenese these pancakes are called "Fuwa Fuwa" pancakes, which means "Fluffy Fluffy."


After perfecting their recipe to produce pancakes as fluffy as clouds, they then added their own spin on the Japanese style souffle pancakes by pairing them with home-made cream to form a sandwich. Souffle Sandwhiches are a truly unique and delicious treat. The light sandwhiches perfectly compliment the cream and really are Fluffy as Fluff. They offer a variety of flavours, such as the classic chocolate and vanilla, as well as a rotation of sessional flavours, each as deliocious as the next!


Best Known For: Delicious Japanese Souffle Pancake Sandwiches