Howland's Honey

Good Spirit Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Summer 2022 Wednesdays only

Introducing Sasha & Dan of Howland’s Honey 


Howland's Honey is a third generation beekeeping operation situated in the Saskatchewan Parkland, one mile south of Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park. Howland's Honey (aka) Howland Enterprises Inc. has been producing 100% Saskatchewan honey since 1976. Their family has been keeping bees for 35 years and their bees forage locally on the nectar of wildflowers, clover, alfalfa and canola, producing a superior No.1 Grade honey.  Howlands Honey is unpasteurized white honey, which is a blend of lighter and darker honey creating their unique and quality product. 


Best Known For: Honey + Cinnamon Honey + Beeswax Products.