HydroGreen's Urban Farm

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231 Main Street, Box 551, Central Butte, SK, Canada, Saskatchewan
Market Attendance:
Most Saturdays

Welcome Hydrogreen's!


Join us in welcoming HydroGreen's Urban Farm, a fresh addition to Regina Farmers' Market's lineup in 2024.


April Meersman and Pierre Coderre, the minds behind HydroGreen's, transitioned from the hospitality industry in 2021 after closing the doors to April’s Diner in Central Butte, after 11-and-a-half years in business. They embarked on a new venture to transform the diner into a thriving urban farm, and HydroGreen's was born! 


Passionate about growing healthy food, HydroGreen's specializes in hydroponic cultivation, focusing on lettuce, Asian greens, Swiss chard, and herbs. Using the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system, HydroGreen's provides a controlled environment for leafy greens to flourish. A thin layer of water flows down covered channels, regulating factors such as harsh weather, soil conditions, and pests. The result is chemical-free, locally grown produce that's both environmentally friendly and sustainable. The porous growing medium and carefully regulated environment ensure optimal growth, while special grow lights mimic the natural light cycle for maximum efficiency.


Discover the taste of fresh, locally grown greens at HydroGreen's Urban Farm. Find them most Saturdays at Regina Farmers' Market!


Best Known For: Chemical Free Greens Year-Round!