KBelle Skirts

Regina, SK

KBelle Skirts is a delightful new addition to Regina Farmers' Market in 2024!


Meet Kendra Bellegarde, the talented creator behind KBelle Skirts, who specializes in handcrafted ribbon skirts and ribbon shirts.


"Tansi! Kendra Bellegarde Okanee nitisiyihkason. Niya nehiyaw, Omamihkwew ekwa Nahkawiskwew. Kaskitew maskoo maskwa ohci niya." Kendra shares her cultural background as a Cree, Assiniboine, and Saulteaux from Little Black Bear First Nation.


Kendra's journey with sewing began at the age of 10, under the guidance of her mother. Falling in love with the craft, she started with small bags and gradually moved on to creating intricate ribbon skirts and even her own jingle dresses. With confidence in her sewing skills, Kendra now shares her creations with others, finding joy in seeing people wear her handmade pieces.


For Kendra, sewing is not just a craft; it's therapy. She expresses her gratitude to her mother for imparting this skill, shaping her artistic path. The support from the community has been a source of blessing, whether through purchases, likes, shares, or follows. Kendra's heartfelt message is, "Thank you so much, ninanaskomon. Hiy hiy ❤️."


Visit KBelle Skirts at Regina Farmers' Market to explore the beauty of handcrafted ribbon skirts and shirts, each piece reflecting Kendra's rich cultural heritage and passion for sewing.