Little Victory Candles

445-14th Ave Regina SK

Market Attendance:
Outdoor- Some Saturdays
Indoor- Some Saturdays

Introducing Julia and Lucas of Little Victory Candles


Little Victory Candles was founded on the idea that all little victories should be celebrated in life. Being candle lovers themselves, they would find extreme joy in having a candle burning in their home. It doesn't matter what kind of day you've had, to come home and light a candle becomes a total treat to yourself... a little victory. Life is short, and they wish for you to enjoy the little things.


It is important to Lucas and Julia to support the local community that that helped start them on their journey. To reciprocate this community involvement, a portion of the proceeds from every candle will go right back into funding Saskatchewan based community initiatives! 


Why choose Soy candles? Soy is a clean burning alternative to parrafin wax, and will last you much longer. Little Victory Candles have been personally tested and they have up to 50 hours of burn time.


Best Known For: Hand Poured Soy Based Candles