Pickle and Bee

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Introducing Liz, owner and founder of Pickle and Bee. Pickle and Bee is a Regina-based eco-friendly company that provides safe and natural personal care products.


Popular Pickle and Bee products include: Lip Balms, Body Butters, Natural Deodorants, Shampoo Bars, Lip Scrubs, Pet Products, Essential Oils, and more! 


The idea for this business unfortunately came after Liz was diagnosed with cancer as a young mom. This created an awareness of concern for the products Liz was using for herself, her family and friends and catalyzed the idea that she wanted to ensure her products were safe and available. P + B takes pride in providing a locally sourced, and natural line of personal care products with ingredients that are safe enough to eat! (Although recommended to use for their intended purpose!)


Pickle and Bee cares about the environment, and demonstrates this with fully recyclable containers and packaging. In addition, all  P + B products and ingredients are made without paraben, aluminum, and plastics as not to harm the environment. 


Shea butter swirl
Vegan deoderant
Lip balm colored