Ponderosa Alpacas

Balgonie, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - every second Saturday
Indoor - most Saturdays

Introducing Dorothy of Ponderosa Alpaca


Ponderosa Alpaca began attending the Regina Farmers’ Market in 2010 and is based in Balgonie. In 2002, Dorothy bought her first two alpacas and now farms a herd of 30+ animals. At the market you will likely find Dorothy ready to answer your alpaca questions while spinning her alpaca fibres into yarn behind a table full of hand knit toques, mittens, socks, felted shoe insoles, and more! Did you know alpaca fibres are known for the following: moisture wicking, thermo regulating, odor resistance, hypo-allergenic, are sustainable, and are naturally colourful. 


Have you ever wondered about where the yarn of alpaca fibres originates? Short answer, it comes from sustainable farming with Dorothy’s alpacas. First, the alpacas are sheared in May, then the fibre is brought to a sorting table where like-fibres are set aside together to then be spun into yarn. Some of the alpaca fibres are put in a dehairing machine which takes out excess vegetation and guard hair to ensure the highest quality yarn is made. Please note, shearing alpacas does not hurt the animal, rather it is required to help the alpaca with regulating body temperature, maintaining hygiene and good health. For more info on Alpacas, be sure to stop by and say Hi! 


Best Known For: Hand Knit Goods, Alpaca Fibres, and Fresh Farm Eggs


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