Prairie Proud

Saskatoon, SK

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Occasionally
Indoor - Occasionally

Introducing Cole Thorpe of Prairie Proud


Prairie Proud was founded in 2014 and joined the Regina Farmers’ Market in 2017. Cole was born and raised in Spy Hill (a small community close to the Manitoba border), then moved to Saskatoon for university. He started Prairie Proud in the spare bedroom of his apartment while studying business at the U of S. From there, the business has grown beyond his apartment and into the business it is today. All looks are designed by Cole in Saskatoon.


Wondering where to find their apparel brand? Check-out their website, in Cole's Saskatoon storefront location, and at pop-ups including the Regina Farmers Market. Prairie Proud’s goal is to make clothing that exemplifies its values of quality, community, and passion. They make clothing for current and past prairie residents to showcase prairie pride and also invest back into prairie communities through numerous charity contributions.  As much as possible, Prairie Proud also strives to have their quality clothing made by responsible and ethical manufacturers.


Best Known For: Prairie Themed + Desigend Apparel