Rusty's Wild Rice

Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Saturdays, Occasionally
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Introducing Russ, Dawson & Gavin of Rusty's Wild Rice


Certified Organic Canadian long grain wild rice. Their lakes are inspected annually in order to maintain the Organic Certification for Canadian, European, and US markets. Grandpa Rusty (Russ) started the family business of growing and harvesting wild rice back in 1980. Dawson’s Dad joined Rusty in the business and in 2012 Dawson and Gavin decided to join in on the family fun and began selling their wild rice products through the Regina Farmers’ Market. In 2019 the Wild Rice Guys branched the family business out to include their popular Popped Wild Rice snacks. Gavin and Dawson know their wild rice, Dawson is a third-generation wild rice farmer and has been out the in the fields since he was only 18 months old!


Wild rice was brought to Saskatchewan in the 1930’s as a way to increase muskrat and duck populations in an effort to improving hunting. Indigenous peoples have been harvesting it as an important food source throughout Eastern Canada long before it was introduced locally though.Today, Saskatchewan is Canada’s largest producer of wild rice. Curious how wild rice is harvested in Saskatchewan? The Wild Rice Guys tell us they use ‘air boats’ to drive around the lakes where they grow wild rice and collect the crop as it falls into their boats.


Best Known For: Locally Grown Rice Products + Flavoured Popped Wild Rice


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