Sacred Earth Soaps

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
outdoor - most Wednesdays & Saturdays
indoor - most Saturdays

Since our beginning in 1998, our soaps have been handmade in small batches in our home from only natural ingredients. We do not use any synthetic colours, fragrances or preservatives. Our recipes yield soaps that are mild, lather well and last substantially longer than conventional soap. We have many unscented products available for those with allergies or sensitivities. However, in our experience, even people with sensitive skin can use many of our scented items. We make 10 varieties of handmade biodegradable soaps as well as 5 types of shampoo and shave soap. In addition, we do soaps in seasonal scents. We also offer gentle, natural skin care products and 100% beeswax candles.





  • handmade soap in various scents

  • shampoo bars

  • shave soap

  • healing salve

  • face & body lotion

  • insect repellant (seasonal)

  • beeswax candles


Herbal Bug Spray
candy cane lotion