Sask Crochet

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor- Most Wednesdays & Saturdays

Introducing Sarah Hornoi of Sask Crochet


Sarah joined the Regina Farmers' Market in March 2020 with her impressive crocheted handmade goods. Known for her attention to detail and ability to produce items that the well-experienced grandma's nod their head in approval of - we knew she would be a great fit at the farmers' market. What began as a crafting hobby has grown into a small business to help put Sarah through her university classes. 


With the ability to do complex patterns, Sarah offers a modern take on crocheted goods with items including: Grocery Bags, mittens, toques, plant pots, blankets, adorable stuffies for children, and more! Be sure to check out her gorgeous booth set-up when you visit the market next! 


 Best Known For: Handmade Crocheted Goods