Saskatoon Spruce

808 16th Street West Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7M 5Y4

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Introducing Kevin Petty of Saskatoon Spruce


Saskatoon Spruce owner and artisanal cheese maker Kevin Petty was visiting Sion, Switzerland for a friend’s wedding when he was first inspired to get into cheese. After he was exposed to the best artisan cheese makers in the world, he returned home to Saskatoon and recognized there was a niche for locally sourced, cow-milk cheese. He began learning from cheese makers across the country including Brother Albéric from the trappist monastery near Holland, Manitoba, and has mastered his craft with his classic touch of aging cheese on a spruce plank. 


Since beginning this entrepreneurial lifestyle, Kevin has left his day job and is now on the shelves as a local name for artisanal cheese. Saskatoon Spruce has been with the Regina Farmers' Market since 2020.


Best Known For: Artisanal Cheese 


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