SasKoffee Roastery

45 - 3 Avenue Lumsden, SK

Market Attendance:
Outdoor: Most Wednesdays
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Introducing Alexandra + Travis of SasKoffee Roastery


Based in Lumsden, SK, Alexandra + Travis began their journey in coffee by roasting fresh coffee beans, while also becoming new parents. Together they are in the pursuit of having the freshest cup of ethically sourced coffee while living on the prairies. When they started out, they made the realization that coffee beans can go stale, and this is likely the cause for many "Bland" cups of coffee they experienced prior to their own roasting. As they came to acquire their own coffee roaster and green beans, they verified having freshly roasted coffee is a game-changer. In 2022 they brought their business to grow at the Regina Farmers' Market with dedication to bring small-batch quality coffee beans to bring flavour to Regina cups of coffee!


For a customer making coffee with SasKoffee coffee beans, you can be assured the beans are freshly roasted as this is the staple trademark of their coffee. When it comes to sourcing, they also support smaller farms, and ensure the beans being harvested are ethically sourced. As with any grown commodity, sesason-to-season the availability of different beans is dependent on that seasons crop. With this method, there are often new seasonal notes to be tasted in your different batches and varieities of SasKoffee. Pour. Sip. Repeat. 


Best Known For: Small Batch, Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans and Grounds