Silo Pulses + Grains

Richardson, SK

Market Attendance:
Most Saturdays
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Introducing Adrienne Gregor of Silo Pulses + Grains


This family business started with Jim Etter. In 1983, him and his wife Michelle started a mixed grain operation, Etter Seed + Processing. As their family grew, the next generation began to take interest in the family business, and Jim's youngest daughter Adrienne (Adri) approached him in 2019 with the idea of creating a consumer-based line of assorted pulses and grains. In 2020, the business started forming, and in 2022 they debuted at the Regina Farmers' Market as the business which we now know as Silo Pulses + Grains


In addition to beautiful biodegradable packaging, their diverse product line focuses on plant-based proteins including: Small Green Lentils, Large Green Lentils, Beluga Lentils (the caviar of lentils), Red Lentils, Dark Speckled Lentils, Split Yellow Peas, Split Green Peas, Chickpeas, Brown Flax, Golden Flax. Availability will always be dependent on the most recent harvest. 


Best Known For: Saskatchewan Pulses + Grains