Smooth 42 Craft Distillery

brownlee, SK

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Some Wednesdays and Saturdays

Introducing: Sacha Elez of Smooth 42 Distillery


Smooth 42 Distillery has been with the market since 2020 and is owned and operated by brothers Adam and Daniel Dombowsky and friend Sacha Elez in Brownlee, SK in the town's old curling rink. The Dombowsky brothers and their friend Sacha partnered together and purchased the 20,000 sq ft rink from the town for $1. The trio spent nearly a year and a half renovating the worn out building, completing a majority of the work themselves with help from friends and family. They made their first bottle of vodka in March of 2018 and have been flavouring liquor ever since.



The distillery's name "Smooth 42" emerged as an ironic tribute to the highway 42 that leads to the establishment, which was anything but smooth prior to being re-paved. Smooth 42 has also been featured and secured a deal on CBC’s Dragon’s Den in 2020. This followed after their decision to shift their operations to making hand sanitizer during the covid-19 pandemic before returning to vodka. For more information, be sure to visit their Facebook page for fun mixology recipes using their products.


Best Known For: Apple Pie + Cherry Moonshine and Regular + Flavoured Vodkas