Southland Colony

Saskatchewan, Canada
306-784-2605 ext. 730
Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Wednesdays & Saturdays (July - October)
Indoor - Occasionally
Available on the RFM Online Store

Introducing: Arnie and the community of Southland Colony


Based near Herbert, SK, you will find the homestead of Southland Colony. Arnie is most often in attendance when their team travels into the Regina Farmers' Markets for their regular most Wednesdays and Saturdays at City Square Plaza. Most will recognize Arnie for a friendly hello, and will find him stationed behind a table of beautiful assortment of fresh veggies and seasonal fruit.


Southland Colony operates year round with veggies on the Online Store and during the holidays, Southland Colony typically has poultry (duck, chicken, goose, turkey) available for pre-order. Although not on social media, You can place or inquire about your custom order via call at: 306.784.2605 ext.730. (Ask for Arnie!) 


Best Known For: Tables full of fresh veggies + fruit, poultry, and farm eggs


Arnie of Southland Colony
Brussel Sprouts
New Carrots