Sweet Kingdom

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Some Saturdays
Indoor - Occasionally

Introducing Victoria + Dmitriy of Sweet Kingdom


Husband and wife team Victoria and Dmitriy of Sweet Kingdom joined the Regina Farmers’ Market in 2014 with their delicous Israeli baking and pastries. Prior to moving to Regina in 2012, Victoria also lived in Ukraine (where she was born), and in Israel where she immigrated to when she was 15. Victoria is not only well-travelled, but also a well-experienced Pastry Chef and Chocolatier. Her intention in joining the Regina Farmers' Market is to share her passion of baking through Ukrainian, Middle Eastern, and Israeli recipes she has grown up with and make these flavours available in the Regina community. She uses the finest ingredients and only serves baking that looks as good as it tastes. (After numerous taste tests we can confirm her baking is all delicious!) 


Next time you see Dmitriy and Victoria set-up at their booth, be sure to try the crowd savoury favorites of homemade buns and focaccia bread! If you're looking for a sweet treat, anything with her chocolatiering expertise is a great choice. For the curious, be sure to ask what new flavours the Sweet Kingdom team is working on next and ask to see photos of her gorgeous multi-tiered custom cakes! Victoria believes baking is art and loves to experiment blending Ukranian and Israeli flavours in her pastries. Consider yourself invited and welcome to Victoria and Dmitriy's Sweet Kingdom. 


Best Known For: Ukranian + Israeli Pastries + Baking