The Cure

2323 11th ave Regina

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Wednesday & Saturdays

Introducing Jake Van Oostdam, Morgan Choquer + Kelly Cairns of The Cure Kitchen and Bar


The Cure, a Regina-based restaurant opened their community-focused business in fall 2018 and started at the Regina Farmers’ Market in the spring of 2021. Morgan Jake, and Kelly wanted to bring a new experience to Regina by offering a unique, urban, creative space for people to enjoy food and drink while enjoying entertainment. They listened to customer requests, a core philosophy of their business, and developed The Cure product-line of assorted jams, pickled goods, and more. With this new product-line they connected with the RFM to keep the community connected to local food. Great on sandwiches, toast, or your next charcuterie board, all products from The Cure have been expertly paired and tried in their restaurant. 


Driven by passion, and a desire to do well in the community the Cure is often engaged with local fundraisers and focus on offering a safe and inclusive environment for all. Plus they are also eco-conscious with their extensive recycling systems eco-friendly packaging options. Obviously having delicious food is a must. Everything from The Cure is made in house and from scratch. If you want a sneak peak at future RFM products - checkout their downtown restaurant for taste test!


Best Known For: Jams, Pickled Goods + Inclusive Downtown Restaurant