The Good Dog Treats

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Albert Street, Regina, SK

Market Attendance:
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Some Saturdays

Introducing: Robin Johanson of The Good Dog Treats


Based in Regina, SK Robin Johanson is the owner and operator of the Good Dog Treats. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Robin grew up on a dairy farm and always had a love for animals, especially dogs! When she lost her dog Sugar to cancer, she started research into the ingredients in commercial production of dog food and treats to realize there were very loose regulations on ingredients and preservatives allowed in consumable dog products. In an effort to find the right and safe combination of ingredients, for her own dogs, she began her journey into making small-batch, human-grade dog food and treats which quickly caught the attention of friends and family. 


Originally, Robin and her friend Jena came together to run a booth at the farmers' market, but the pandemic required a significant shift in their business-model. As a result, the two friends decided to divide and conquer with their businesses to make sure all dogs in the Regina Area could have access to nutritious dog food and treats. As of 2022, the RFM proudly presents the newly rebranded The Good Dog Treats, and all of the good dogs attending the market are happy to see the tasty treats are back! 


Best Known For: Human-Grade Dog Food + Treats