Two Friends and a Daughter

2190 Victoria Ave, Regina, SK

Market Attendance:
Some Saturday Outdoor Markets
Fall + Holiday Indoor Markets

Introducing Sandra of Two Friends and a Daughter


Sandra first started at the Regina Farmers' Market in 2021 bringing her handmade crochet, knit, and embroidered products as a pop-up vendor! Born and raised in Regina, Sandra has been designing all her life, getting her start from a young age with encouragement from her dad. Two Friends and a Daughter products use materials that are sourced in the province or at a minimum within Canada. The tradition continues as Sandra now creates and crafts with her daughter both to help keep her knit goods stocked and to spend that extra quality mother-daughter time. 


Wondering about their business name? Originally when coming up with a business name, her first ideas were already taken! In the meantime, Sandra's friend suggested,"say it's Two Friends and a Daughter and you can change it later." Later rolled around, and the name ended up sticking! In the meantime, a logo, a business, and numerous designs have been created ever since! Be sure to check out their social media for mittens, toques, toys, and more! You'll likely find them set-up at Indoor Market with her handmade wearables - as the summer is often spent getting ready for their busy season: Sask Winters! 


Best Known For: Handmade Knit + Crocheted Items