4 Acre Farm

Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Most Saturdays

Meet 4 Acre Farm!


4 Acre Farm is a newly introduced vendor at Regina Farmers' Market in 2024, operating as a small artisan seed and herbal product business in Southern Saskatchewan.


Although their farm is nestled on just 4 acres, they sure know how to pack a punch! While they they specialize in cultivating and collecting seeds tailored to thrive in the local prairie environment, you can find a diverse range of products at their table including baked sourdough goods and a variety of natural remedies like dried herbs, tea blends, extracts, tonics, rubs, and salves.


All of 4 Acre Farm's seeds are locally grown or gathered, hand cleaned, and sorted in small batches, ensuring top-notch quality and viability. Their extensive selection of seeds have been regionally adapted and open pollinated on our prairie landscape -- meaning that they are certain to flourish in your own garden.


Best Known For: Diverse Selection of Seeds & Herbal Remedies