Ambitious Baker

234 Hodgins Crescent, Regina, SK
306-552- 9360

Market Attendance:
Most Wednesdays & Saturdays

Introducing Rebecca Huber of Ambitious Baker


Rebecca Huber is the owner of Ambitious Baker, a local sourdough focused bakery situated in Regina! She started her business in 2020 when she realized trying to find a variety of sourdough bread options in town was a tricky task. To solve the problem, Rebecca decided to make what she couldn't find, and changed her career path to run the Ambitious Baker Full-Time. As a self-declared lover of food and the food network, we couldn't be happier she merged her passions into her current business. In 2022 she joined the Regina Farmers' Market which all of our staff, vendors, and customers are excited about! 


The main focus of Ambitious Baker is to be an expert and provider of sourdough bread and bagel varieties in Regina. Her most popular flavour is the cheesy garlic sourdough bread which is featured in the photos below. The other must-try item from her menu are the sourdough cinnamon buns and sourdough bagels. Rebecca's advice for upcoming entrepreneurs: there are a lot of hats to wear when owning a business, ask for help, and pay for an expert's services in areas less familiar to you! This way she has more time to get back to her true passion, making and baking sourdough bread and bagels!


Best Known For: Sourdough Bread, Bagels, and Cinnamon Buns