Black Fox Farm and Distillery

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
outdoor - most Wednesdays & Saturdays
indoor - occasionally

BlackFox Farm and Distillery is located just minutes out of Saskatoon on Valley Road. Our passion for agriculture guides us. We carefully select the finest fruits and grains to grow, cultivate them with care and transform them into truly unique and enjoyable spirits.


Have you ever been brought back in time, to a memory of your past, simply from a scent or a taste? What if a moment could be captured and stored in a bottle, to be relived again and again? Here at BlackFox Spirits, it can.


Seasons change and so does the environment around us. From droughts to floods, the plants, flowers and landscape are continually adapting. This change is what produces flavours and scents unique to that moment and place. Living with the land we are aware of these subtleties and go about capturing them in our products. Consider our BlackFox Gin infused with pumpkin flowers or our BlackFox Raspberry Liqueur with a hint of spring honey: each is a time capsule waiting to take you back one sip at a time.





  • BlackFox Liqueurs: Raspberry, Honey Ginger, Creme de Cassis, and Haskap.

  • BlackFox Gin: Gin #1 (martini gin - juniper, calendula & rhubarb), Gin #2 (juniper, pumpkin flowers & cucumber), Gin #3 (juniper, calendula & rhubarb), Gin #4 (juniper & chokecherry).

  • BlackFox Vodka: Triticale and Wheat.

  • BlackFox Whiskey: currently aging in new oak barrels.




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