Prairie Bee Meadery

Caron, SK

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Wednesdays & Saturdays
Indoor - Most Saturdays

Welcome to Prairie Bee Meadery


Prairie Bee Meadery is Saskatchewan’s premiere meadery. We craft local premium honey into international award-winning wines. Located near Moose Jaw, Prairie Bee Meadery is a female-owned, rural Agri-value small business with a strong brand presence in Saskatchewan.


At Prairie Bee we have our own honey hives, home to the diligent bees that pollinate our cherry trees, haskap bushes and rhubarb plants. We exclusively use premium Saskatchewan honey in our meads, creating a distinct flavor profile distinguished by delicate floral notes and a smooth finish. Our meads are hand-crafted in small batches. We use only the best light, sweet honey primarily from clover, alfalfa and wildflowers. “Handcrafted” and “small batches” mean we may sometimes sell out of favoured varieties; it also means that every bottle has our personal touch – and seal of approval.


You can find Prairie Bee products at farmers' markets and liquor stores throughout Saskatchewan. Alternatively, visit us in Moose Jaw for a winery tour.