Prairie Bee Meadery

Caron, SK

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Wednesdays & Saturdays
Indoor - Most Saturdays

Introducing Vickie + Dennis of Prairie Bee Meadery 


Prairie Bee is Saskatchewan’s first Craft Meadery and all meads are hand-crafted in small batches with locally produced honey. In 2016 Prairie Bee officially launched with their cottage winery license and opened to the public in June. However, they had their original start in 2012 from their parent company Grandpa’s Garden as a u-pick fruit farm. Their U-Pick Farm carried a large array of fruits including: sour cherries, strawberries, raspberries, haskap berries, melons, and a selection of market garden vegetables. With all of these fruits requiring pollination, bringing bee’s onto the farm was the natural progression. With a bountiful harvest of fruits and honey, taking the next step as a meadery was kismet. 


But what is mead? Mead is an alcoholic drink that is made by fermenting honey, compared to fermenting the sugars in grapes traditionally used in wine-making. Like wine, mead is available in a variety of flavours and has sweet, dry, and off-dry finishes. If you are new to mead, be sure to stop by the Prarie Bee Meadery booth and ask the experts for their suggested pairings and wine comparables. Alternatively, you can find their experts at the Grandpa Gardens in Caron, SK (~20km West of Moose Jaw) or in their storefront in Downtown Moose Jaw, SK.


Best Known For: Prairie Mead + Fruit Infused Honey