Buckle Up Bags

Canora, SK
(306) 537-5885

Market Attendance:

Meet Nancy of Buckle Up Bags!


A warm welcome to Buckle up Bags, making the exciting transition from a pop-up vendor to a full-time presence at Regina Farmers' Market in 2024! 


Rooted in a childhood passion for sewing that began at the tender age of five, this unique venture has grown from playful experimentation with needles and thread to a thriving business. Crafted meticulously from rejected seatbelts from both the auto and airline industries, some even salvaged from wrecking yards, each bag tells a story of sustainability, originality, and resilience.


Buckle up Bags stands out for their eye-catching use of the original seatbelt colors -- which are never dyed. Also notable is their seamless fusion of practicality and aesthetics, featuring carefully placed pockets both inside and out, quality hardware and sturdy zippers, and a surprise pop of colour in the fabric-lined interior. Every bag is a testament to Nancy's meticulous craftsmanship, each taking 1-2 hours to create.


Find Buckle Up Bags at RFM regularily throughout the 2024 season!


Best Known For: Iconic Recycled Seatbelt Bags