Conjure Apothecary

Regina, SK
Call/Text: 306-502-6151

Market Attendance:
Holiday Markets
Outdoor Markets

Introducing Erin and Andy of Conjure Apothecary


Conjure Apothecary joined the Regina Farmers' Market for the Holiday season in 2021 bringing hand poured candles infused with herbs and stones. Erin and Andy are the owners of Conjure Apothecary offering handcrafted items to help you connect with your inner magic and power. Erin originally grew up in Nova Scotia where her parents instilled in her and her brothers many traditional Celtic beliefs and encouraged them to find their spirituality in nature. Andy, grew up with the power of music and its ability to heal and connect with his ancestors. 


Erin and Andy believe in the power of intention and positive habits (rituals) to change your life. Andy pours the candles with peaceful intentions, and Erin decorates them with a meditative intention behind each candle (protection, self-love). Before sending their products out the door, Erin and Andy always do a quality check and a final intention ritual that the intended owners of the product will find what they are seeking from their items. But remember, while all Conjure Apothecary products are made with intention and a bit of magic from Erin and Andy, the power truly comes from you.


Best Known For: Intention Candles and herbal essential oils