Latino Bake Shop

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Wednesdays & Saturdays
Indoor - Most Saturdays

Introducing Gustavo of Latino Bakeshop 


Beginning with the Regina Farmers’ Market (RFM) in 2010, Latino Bakeshop is best known for their handcrafted gourmet empanadas. Empanadas are a cultural food of Latin American descent, consisting of a dough casing wrapped around the assorted filling of your choice. Typically these fillings are meat-based with veggies + rice, but Latino Bakeshop also offers a vegetarian option. All empanadas are made with fresh ingredients and inspired by various Latin American countries.


When should you eat empanadas? They are great as re-heat lunch to-go, an appetizer or snack! All empanadas come pre-cooked and frozen - just reheat at your convenience! Our favorite is in the convection oven to get them nice and golden-brown toasty! Latino Bakeshop has a variety of flavour options to try from pollo (chicken), con-carne (beef), chorizo (spicy pork), or their potato based vegetarian option. 


Best known for Authentic Latin-American Empanadas




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