Mila's Baking (Baba's Dough Box)

751 victoria ave
751 Victoria Ave E, Regina, SK

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Every Wednesday & Saturday
Indoor - Every Saturday

Introducing Mila of Mila's Baking (Baba's Dough Box!)


Looking for something to tantalize your tastebuds? Satisfy a craving? Share at the office? Take home for supper or dessert? You can find it at Mila's and it's guaranteed to be fresh. Of Serbian descent, Mila is known for her table full of a large variety of baking at the Regina Farmers' Market. Some of her common items you will find include: cabbage rolls, perogies, sausage, baklava, cinnamon buns, breads, poppy seed rolls, puffed wheat cake, cakes, pies, cookies, strudels, tarts.


Best Known For: Assorted Traditional Baking


Mila at the Market
Mila's Market Table
Bread and Buns