Loon Creek Saskatoons

Cupar, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Occasionally
Indoor - Occasionally

Introducing Tyler of Loon Creek Saskatoons 


Loon Creek is located in Cupar and has been with the Regina Farmers’ Market since 2000. Their season may be exclusive to a few weeks in the summer, but Loon Creek provides the highly sought after: fresh and frozen Saskatoon Berries. They also offer other Saskatchewan grown fruit, but are most known for those fresh Saskatoons. Find them set-up in the summer markets and be sure to find them early! Additionally, if you want to check out their farm in person, call or e-mail diectly and consider trying their u-pick options as well!


*Please note, although not on social media, phone/e-mail is the best way to connect!


Best Known for: Fresh and Frozen Saskatoon Berries