2190 Victoria Ave, Regina, SK

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Outdoor Markets: Most Saturdays
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Introducing Davis Semenchuk of Teafluent


Davis joined the Regina Farmers' Market in February 2022 bringing his hand-blended loose leaf tea varieties to the Regina community. Having worked within the restaurant industry, Davis was mentored on flavour building and herb pairings which combined with his own research has built his expertise in tea. Throughout the pandemic he has also spent a great amount of time finding and sourcing the herbs (locally when possible) that are needed for creating the rich flavours of each tea option.


The goal of Teafluent is to provide the Regina community with premium loose leaf tea to both new and experienced tea drinkers at an affordable price. The business name Teafluent originated from the intention of the business: to provide tea education to the community - in hopes the engagement with the business would grow tea literacy, ultimately helping customers become "fluent" in the language and art of tea. Because any day you can drink tea, is a good day! 


Best Known For: Loose Leaf Tea Varieties