Rosie the Flower Truck

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Some Wednesdays & Saturdays
Indoor - Occasionally

Introducing Sydney Shire of Rosie The Flower Truck 


Rosie the Flower Truck is owned by Wascana Flower Shoppe and has been with the market since 2015. Rosie is hard to miss; she is 24 feet long with bright yellow and green paint with floral accents. Rosie is Saskatchewan’s only mobile flower truck. She travels to not only the Regina Farmers Market but to festivals, the queen city marathon, and concerts spreading flowers and joy all over Regina. She can even be rented for private events, corporate events and even teaches classes. 


Rosie sells potted plants from succulents, cacti, house plants, seasonal flowers, hanging baskets and air plants. You can even build your own terrariums for your succulents. Rosie also has  seasonal fresh cut flower bouquets perfect for any occasion to put a smile on your loved ones faces. 


Best Known for: Floral Bouquets and Potted Plants