Seven Meadows Farms

Regina Beach, SK
306 540 7771

Discover the abundance of Seven Meadows Farms, a welcomed addition to Regina Farmers' Market since their debut in the Summer of 2023.


Nestled near Regina Beach SK, Seven Meadows specializes in growing cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers using an innovative high wire system, mirroring the methods employed by the world's leading greenhouses. Their growing season spans from May to October. During the off-season, indulge in their flavorful cucumber & tomato salsa.


The Hepting family, the driving force behind Seven Meadows Farms, has a rich agricultural heritage reflected in their German-derived family name, which translates to Seven Meadows. This legacy fuels their dedication to maintaining a family-oriented agri-business.


As you explore Seven Meadows Farms at Regina Farmers' Market, you'll witness the culmination of generations of agricultural wisdom and the family's resilience through hardships. The Hepting family's commitment to working together lays a strong foundation, ensuring a connection to their roots while offering the community fresh, high-quality produce.


Visit Seven Meadows Farms most Saturdays at Regina Farmers' Market to savour the fruits of their labor!