The Very Berry Bun Company

Avonhurst, Regina, SK

Market Attendance:
Outdoor Markets (Seasonal with Berry availability)

Introducing Sherry of The Very Berry Bun Company


Sherry began at the Regina Farmers' Market in 2005 with her sister Diana of Country Breeze Farm bringing delicious berry topped and filled baking, and refreshing berry smoothies to City Square Plaza. On their table you'll find cinnamon buns, pizza buns, saskatoon and cranberry scones, puffed wheat cake, fruit smoothies, and most importantly, Saskatoon berry cinnamon buns. And that's it.


If you're an early morning market-goer, you'll often find the cinnamon buns still warm, having been pulled from the oven shortly before arriving at the market. Because The Very Berry Bun Company offers limited variety, you can be sure they're big on quality. Eating a Very Berry cinnamon bun is a gooey, messy, and delicious affair – as it should be! Although not on social media, please reach out via phone or e-mail. 


Best Known for: Saskatoon Berry Cinnamon Buns and Fruit Smoothies