Yorkton Bakers

Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada
Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Most Wednesdays & Saturdays
Indoor - Most Saturdays

Introducing Ron + Darlene of Yorkton Bakers


Introducing long-time vendors Ron and Darlene of the Yorkton Bakers! When they're not at the market, we hear about it all day long! "Is the lady from Yorkton here?" "Are the people with the poppy seed rolls here?" "Where can I find the people from Yorkton?" The Yorkton Bakers have been attending the Regina Farmers' Market for as long as we can remember, and most recognize Ron and Darlene behind their full-length table + tents full of Ukrainian Baking!


From cinnamon buns to perogies and from sauerkraut to pie, the Yorkton Bakers cover all the bases when it comes to traditional farmers' market goodies. Be sure to stop by and try some of their highly sought-after: bread + buns, cinnamon buns, poppyseed rolls, tarts + pies, frozen Ukrainian food (including perogies, cabbage rolls, borscht, sausage), and more! If you are trying to connect, they are not on social media - but are best reached directly by phone!



Best Known For: Traditional Baking + Frozen Ukranian Goods