Sadza Arts & Craft

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Market Attendance:
Outdoor - Occasionally
Indoor - Occasionally

Introducing: Edward of Sadza Arts and Craft 


Edward began at the Regina Farmers' Market in 2015, bringing beautifull designed batik artwork. Batik artwork is simply (and traditionally) described as an Indonesian technique of designing patterns and textiles with a wax resist dyeing process on cloth including, artwork, clothing, fabrics, sheets, and more. The crackles on every batik are as unique as your fingerprints!


A good alternative to the wax resist method, wheat flour is not only environmentally friendly but also much easier to handle than hot wax. We call it "sun dried & oven baked goodness"! What is a Sadza Batik? The traditional 'sadza' batik technique involves applying a porridge-like paste of maize or wheat-meal onto dyed fabric.


Why do we use porridge?



  1. Sadza porridge is an innovative Shona art medium.

  3. When designs are drawn onto the fabric and sun dried, the batik is stretched and this cracks the dried porridge.

  5. Paint is applied to the fabric and the batik is heated several times to reinforce the colours at 120 degrees for 15-20 minutes. This is done to make sure that our products are machine washable.

  7. After this process, the batik is then soaked & the wheat flour/porridge is scraped off with a knife.

  9. Note: The areas where the porridge is applied resist the paint!

  11. This creates a unique crackle effect which makes every batik truly unique.

  13. Finally, each product is monitored and controlled for quality purposes.


Wondering what kind of items you will find at the Regina Farmers' Market? Sadza often has a booth full of fabric decor items including throw pillow cases, table runners, placemats, aprons, jewelry, and more! Be sure to stop by and ask about their dyeing techinques!


Best Known For: Batik Fabric Designs and Jewelry