Pop-Up Vendor Application

Thank-you for your interest in joining us at the Regina Farmers' Market Co-operative as a Pop-Up Vendor!


Please note:

  • The 2023 Pop-Up Vendor Pre-Screening Applications are open from: January 1, 2023 - March 31, 2023.

  • A Pop-Up Vendor is somone who is planning to attend 1-5 markets only in 2023. If this is you...


Apply Now!

Are you applying as a Full-Time Vendor? If so, please complete the Full-Time Vendor Application here.

Are you a Mobile Unit? If so, please complete the Mobile Unit Application here.

Things to keep in mind as you prepare to submit your application:
• All products sold at the Regina Farmers’ Market must be made, baked, grown, or designed in Saskatchewan.

• The RFM accepts a limited number of new vendors each year, and applications will be assessed in the order they are received. Therefore, we strongly encourage applicants to apply as early in the applications cycle as possible.

• All RFM Applicants selling food products will be assessed by Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA). We encourage applicants to contact a Public Health Inspector to discuss their business plans and ensure they will meet the SHA regulations before applying to the RFM. Reach out to the SHA directly through their website here: http://www.rqhealth.ca/department/environmental-health/contact-a-public-health-inspector. 

Why apply to Pop-Up at the Regina Farmers’ Market?

• Approved RFM pop-up shops gain access to 1-5 RFM events per year, including Saturday Indoor Markets, Saturday & Wednesday Outdoor markets, and other special events. 

• We promote your business through our print promotion, website, and social media to thousands of RFM customers.

• The RFM helps grow businesses from the ground up! We take an active role in supporting your business, and many successful businesses get their start at the RFM and go on to great things!

• You join a respected community of Saskatchewan producers with a long history (nearly 45 years!) of bringing the best SK-made and -grown products to Regina shoppers.

We can’t wait to meet you and try your products!


Please direct all questions related to the RFM Applications Process to .  No phone calls, please.